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Richardson Corporate Challenge

Special Events

Opening Ceremonies

Friday – August 9th 
The official kick off event for the Corporate Challenge! This tailgating event is sure to get your company fired up about competing in the Games! 

The Great Walk
Friday – August 9th 
This is your teams first opportunity to rack up some participation points for the challenge! 
The Executive Relay

Friday – August 9th 
4 Members – 4 Events! Teams will compete in a relay style format featuring four different tasks. 

T-Shirt Competition

August 12 – October 3
Show your company pride where it counts! ON YOUR SHIRT! Voting will take place throughout the games so wear it often. 

Raffle Program
August 9 – October 3
The Corporate Challenge partners with Southwest Airlines and Hilton to offer a raffle program. Your company picks up the tickets from the games office, sells them and gets credit to your fundraising efforts for SOTX!