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The Great walk

The great walk

Friday – August 9th
Opening Ceremonies
Huffhines Park

Start Time – 5:30 pm 

End Time – 7:00 pm 

How it works 

Walkers will start anytime between 5:30 and 7:00 pm and complete the same one mile course.

At the start of the walk, each walker must stop by the start tent to receive a token. Volunteers will be stationed at the start tent to hand out tokens, however it is every participants responsibility to get a token before starting the walk. As each walker reaches the halfway point, he/she will drop their token into their companies’ respective container which will be clearly marked.

Participants must reach the halfway point and drop their token by 7:00 pm no exceptions. No awards will be given, water and first aid will be provided on the course.


Points will be awarded based on the following range of walkers
1pt for every 6 walkers with a max of 30pts (175+ walkers) 

1 – 6 Walkers 1 point
30 -36 Walkers 5 points
60 – 66 Walkers 10 points
90 – 96 Walkers 15 points
120 – 126 Walkers 20 points
150 – 156 Walkers 25 points
180+ Walkers 30 points