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Scoring | Awards


All competition is by division; your company will compete against the teams that are placed in your division only. 

– Top finishes in each event are recognized by the awarding of gold, silver and bronze medals for 1st – 3rd place, based on the recommended number of team members for each event.

Coaches and captains do not receive medals, unless they are registered players as well.

Points are awarded in each event, which are totaled to determine an overall Corporate Challenge winner in each division. At the end of the competition, the 1st – 3rd place companies in each division receive a plaque.

The champion in each division also receives a traveling trophy, which they keep for one year.

Companies compete throughout the competition for best sportsmanship, best team spirit and best T-shirt. Sportsmanship, team spirit, and T-shirt awards are presented at the closing ceremonies.



Teams are awarded for placing in events as follows

Place Points
1st 37
2nd 29
3rd 22
4th 16
5th 11
6th 7
7th 4
8th 2
9th 1
Participation 1

participation points

Participation points will be earned in each event. All events will be added together, then companies will be ranked by division. 

Points are scored as separate events and count towards the overall standings for each company. To receive participation points, competitors must complete the event as designed and meet all participation requirements.

Participants will receive points based on the following 

Event Complete Team Max Points
5k Run 6 or 4 * 30+
15k Bike 4* 30+ 
Basketball 5 30
Billiards 6 30
Bowling 10 30
Cornhole 6 30
Dodgeball 6 30
Dominoes  4 30
Golf 4 30
Horseshoes 6 30
Kickball 10 30
Mini Golf 6 30
Punt, Pass & Kick 4 30
Soccer 11 30
Softball 10 30
Table Tennis 6 30
Tennis 6 30
Texas Hold’Em 4 30
Ultimate 7 30
Volleyball 6 30

*5k has a maximum roster of 200 runners, teams will be awarded 1 point for each additional runner over the required number up to 200 

*15k has unlimited participation points, teams will be awarded 1 point for each additional rider over the required number

Scoring by Event

Overall points will be determined according to the following for each event. 

These combined totals will determine overall company rank including points. The combined total of both teams will determine their rank

5k Run | 15k Bike | Bowling | Dominoes | Golf | Punt, Pass & Kick | Texas Hold Em
Combination Team Format

All participants compete at the same time, winners are determined at the end by some measurement. See specific event rules for more details. Points are determined by the participant times, distances or combination of scores to determine ranking.

– Ex. Punt, Pass & Kick – 2 male / 2 female, who each punt, pass and kick each distance per player will be used for ranking purposes against other teams

– Ex. Golf 2 twosomes paly on different cards, after completion of the game scores from both twosomes are added together for the total score, this is what is entered to calculate the rankings.

5k Run | 15k Bike Race

Measured by time, the combined measurement of each company’s participants will be used to determine rank in each event. There is no maximum number of entries for either event.

5k Run

– Division A, AA, B, BB – top 3 men, 3 women finishing times, 1 of 6 must be a master runner (over 40)

– Division C, D – top 2 men, 2 women finishing times, 1 of 4 must be a master runner (over 40)

15k Bike

– Complete team time will be the combined times of all four riders after they cross the finish line

– 4 riders total for all divisions 2 men, 2 women 1 of 4 must be master rider (over 40)

Bowling | Golf

These events will be open competition; the combined total of those teams’ scores will determine their rank.


Dominoes is an exception to the normal tournament bracket in that all companies can enter two teams (no gender restrictions), each team will earn points. The combined total of both teams will determine their rank.

Punt, Pass & Kick | Texas Hold Em

Measured by overall finish, each participants ranking will be totaled to make a team score. These team scores will be ranked and company points will be awarded.

Billiards | Cornhole | Darts | Horseshoes | Mini Golf | Table Tennis | Tennis
Pairs Format

 Sub-events which have three pairs (men’s, women’s and mixed) will receive overall points depending on the place they received. The points received per place received per pair gets added up for a total score. The total score is then ranked with the other companies, after being totaled and ranked, your company will receive a place in the final standings.

*a medal is not given for final standings of sub-events*

For example – suppose your men’s team receives Gold = 37 pts, women’s team receives Bronze = 22 pts, and the mixed team receives 6th = 7 pts. The company’s total would come to 66 total points. The 66 points places your company in 2nd place in the final standings. Total points earned would be 66, which will go to your company total.

Bracketed competition, the winners are awarded medals/points for the corresponding finish. When all the sub-events are completed, all of the points are added together for a company. Thus determining their overall rank (the overall rank does not result in additional medals, this is for point purposes only) Based on rank, company points will be awarded.

Basketball | Dodgeball | Kickball | Soccer | Softball | Ultimate | Volleyball
Standard Team Format

Each company puts together a team with the number of participants being determined by the event. These competitions are typically double elimination brackets/pool play where the winners are awarded medals and points based on final rankings.

Points are awarded based on a team’s final bracket placement. Teams finishing 5th and 6th who did not play each other in any previous round will equally split the total points available for the place they occupy in the final results of that event.

Ex. 2 teams will split the total of the points awarded to 5th place (11 points) and 6th place (7 points) for a total of 9 points each.

Dominoes is an exception to the normal tournament bracket in that companies can enter two teams.

Ex. If a company’s two teams end up in 1st and 3rd in the dominoes tournament, both pairs of people would be awarded medals. The gold worth 37 pts and the bronze worth 22 pts would be award to the company for a total of 59 points for their overall ranking.