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The Richardson Corporate Challenge is a 10 Week olympic style event featuring 25 different events. 

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The Richardson Corporate Challenge is an Olympic style competition involving as many as 25 athletic and non-athletic events held in late August through early October. The event kicks off with an opening ceremony and after plenty of competition ends with a closing ceremony. Companies compete in events ranging from softball to volleyball and billiards to golf. Activities are scheduled during the week after normal business hours and on weekends. Employees, spouses, and Retirees are eligible to participate. The benefits are endless! Put the Corporate Challenge in your company’s budget and see for yourself what you get in return. For starters, camaraderie, boosted morale, teamwork, pride and reduced stress…. plus tons of company fun! We’re recruiting for this years games now! For more information contact Jonathan Winters at Jonathan.Winters@cor.gov.


Each year DFW-area businesses take part in the City of Richardson’s Corporate Challenge – and the results are extraordinary. The Corporate Challenge is a professionally run, volunteer-driven, Olympic-style competition involving as many as 25 athletic and non-athletic events produced by the City of Richardson Parks & Recreation Department. A managing board, made up of a select group of company representatives and City employees, develops the policies and procedures that rule and govern the events. The 10-week competition kicks-off with an Opening Ceremony in August and then proceeds to competitions in events ranging from the very physical softball and basketball to the more sedentary darts, billiards and miniature golf. The Challenge wraps up with the Closing Cremony in October. All events take place in the evenings and on weekends. Each company competes in one of two Corporate Challenge levels. Each level is separated into divisions based on similar size employee base and past participation. Company placement within divisions will be determined after the registration deadline. This is to ensure ideal balance of teams for competition. The Corporate Challenge promotes, enables and supports teamwork, company pride and corporate wellness – all through healthy competition. In addition to the employee benefits, the Challenge can also be used as a cost-effective marketing tool to promote your company in the community and garner business. The Richardson Corporate Challenge is patterned after the enormously successful games in Las Vegas.


To promote athletic activities and general physical fitness for employees of businesses organizations, governmental entities and members of professional associations. To promote, conduct and foster research, educate, study and analyze the collection of data and statistics relating to physical fitness, athletic competition, recreation and competition and their place and advantage in the workplace. To provide methods, facilities and organization for individual and team competition in athletic events, statewide and nationally for persons employed by business organizations, governmental entities, and associations, and to promote such athletic competitions. To work in cooperation with private and governmental agencies concerned with physical fitness, recreation and competitive athletics.


To bring together Richardson area businesses and their employees in competition; to promote Corporate and Employee benefits in recreational activities; to enhance employee/employer relations, and generate cooperation and goodwill by bringing employees and their spouses together for fun, fitness and fellowship. Additionally, Corporate Challenge will enhance the concept of volunteerism within participating companies.

Jonathan Winters
Corporate Challenge Manager

Christopher Cottone
Superintendent of Athletics & Aquatics

Sara Guarisco
Athletics & Aquatics Manager




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