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Flag Football

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Event Information

Standard Team Format +
Pool Play 
5 Players 
No gender requirement 


Huffhines Softball Complex 
1500 Apollo Rd 
Richardson, TX 75081

Roster Deadline 

 August 30th

Game Days

 September 6 – 8th

Thank You Partners 


Practice locations are offered at a first come first serve basis reservations are required at all locations.
All reservations are encouraged to bring the confirmation of the reservation to each practice.
Practice Reservations can be made starting July 6

Monday – Friday 

Click the boxes below for pratice reservations Monday – Friday 

Check in Procedure

Athletes should check in each day at the registration table at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled competition.

Appropriate identification must be presented at the time of registration. 

Acceptable forms of ID


Team Captains must have their rosters completed and online by the date referenced on the individual rules. These rosters will be used by Corporate Challenge staff to print the Team Waivers that will be signed at event check-in. Players present their identification to the volunteers at the registration desk and all team members must sign the form.


All players must check-in at the registration table prior to their initial game. Please refer to individual events for clarifications on check-in. Each participant must sign the team waiver form, and must produce identification.

 Participation in the Richardson Corporate Challenge is restricted to company employees, retirees, contractors and spouses. In order to ensure fairness, participants will be asked to produce at least one acceptable form of ID.


– An employee photo ID (security) card
– Driver’s license
– Other photo ID


– A company benefits card
– A letter signed by the company’s human resources department verifying that the participant is employed by the company.
– A company pay stub, or photocopy
– An official company business card
– A corporate credit card

Team Captains must have the Team Roster completed and online by the deadline located on each event rule page.


– Letters from human resources with a ‘fill in the blank’ for the employee name.
– Personal credit cards or other non-photo ID cards

Participation Points 

– If a team finishes all scheduled games with no forfeits they will earn 30 participation points. 

– Teams will be awarded a maximum of 14 medals per team.

Substitution Information

– Substitutions can be made only during time outs and after a point is scored, halftime, timeouts and if an injury occurs  

– There will be no official sub in procedure, athletes will sub out by running off of the field and the sub running onto the field 

– The number of substitutions is unlimited


– Teams must wear teams Corporate Challenge shirt / the same color with at least 6-inch numbers on the back

– Pennies will be provided in the event that two teams have the same color shirt. If pennies are needed please see the Event Coordinator. 

– Athletic running shoes or rubber cleats will be the only footwear permitted

– Metal cleats are not permitted

Corporate Challenge will Provide 

The game ball – Adult Football

Flag football flags

Governing Body 

NFL FLAG FOOTBALL will govern play except as noted 

What is Flag Football?

 The first rule of flag football is pretty straightforward: there’s no contact allowed. That includes tackling, diving,              blocking, and screening. Instead, players wear flags that hang along their sides by a belt. To “tackle” the person in possession of the ball, the opposing team needs to pull one or both of their flags off.

While flag football rules are designed to keep players safe, you’ll find that they also create an engaging, fast-paced version of football without the physical contact.

Here’s a list of basic flag football rules:

     –  All passes must be forward and received beyond the line of scrimmage

     –  Only direct handoffs are permitted—there are no laterals or pitches anywhere on the field

     –  The quarterback has seven-second pass clock to get rid of the ball

     –  The quarterback can’t run with the ball unless it was handed off first

                –  Offensive players must steer clear of the rusher and may not get in his/her way

                –  Any defensive player lined up seven yards off the line of scrimmage is eligible to rush

                –  If the ball is handed off, any defender may rush

                –  Interceptions are returnable (even on extra point attempts)

                –  The ball is dead when it hits the ground, the offensive player’s flag is pulled from their belt, the ball-carrier                           steps out of bounds, or the ball-carrier’s body—outside of their hands or feet—touches the ground

                –  All offensive flag football penalties result in a loss of down and yardage

                 –  All defensive flag football penalties result in an automatic first down and some are associated with yardage.


– Official Adult Football

– Flag Football Flags

– No metal cleats will be permitted 

– All players must wear the same colored team shirt, with a 6″ number on the back

Mouthguards are encouraged

Playing Field

– The playing field will measure 70 yards x 30 yards

          50 yards of playing space, 10 yard end zones on each end of the field 

Length of Game 

A game is played until one team reaches or exceeds the point cap or time cap. Games will be broken into two 20-minute halves with a continuous clock and 3 minute half time.

If a game is tied at 40 minutes overtime rules will take effect:

– Each team will take turns getting one (1) play from the defense’s 5-yard line for one point
   or the defense’s 10-yard line for two points. Whether to go for one or two points is up to
   the offensive team. Whether or not the team that begins on offense converts the team
   that started on defense gets a chance on offense to win or tie by converting a one- or
   two-point play of their own.

           Example: Team A starts on offense and chooses to go for one point from the
           5-yard line and is successful. Team B is then on offense and can choose to either
           go for one point from the 5-yard line to tie and force a second round of overtime or
           to go for two points from the 10-yard line for the win.

           If the second team on offense in an overtime round fails to beat or match the team
           that went first, the team that went first wins.

           Starting with the 2nd overtime, both teams must “go for two” from the 10-yard line


Each team will have (1) 1 minute time out per half  *Game clock will stop for time outs* 

Initiate Play

– Offense and defense is determined with a coin flip at the beginning of the game called by the visiting team

– The offensive team takes possession of the ball at its 5-yard line and has four (4) downs to cross midfield. Once a team crosses midfield, it has three (3) downs to score a touchdown  

– If the offensive team fails to cross midfield, on 3 downs, and elects to “punt” on 4th down, possession of the ball changes and the opposition starts its drive from its own 5-yard line

– Play is 5 v 5 


– Player must score with 1 foot in the endzone 

– Each touchdown is worth 6pts

– PAT (point after touchdown) 1 point (5-yard line) or 2 points (10-yard line)

– Interceptions returned for scores during regular gameplay are worth six points, conversions
or overtime are worth two points.

– Safety: 2 points


– Players not in the game may replace players in the game after a score, injury or timeout 


– Each game will be officiated by two officials.


– Game time is forfeit time. Official time will be the Event Coordintor’s time keeping device.

– Teams forfeiting a winner’s brakcet game will be placed in the loser’s bracket.

– If a team concedes or has started and ceases to play during an event, all piror wins or losses will still stand and any points earned will be awarded. 

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