Rain Out Line: 972-744-4301


Division A | B | C | D | E

Event Information

Doubles Format 
Double Elimination Brackets 
Men’s | Women’s | Mixed
6 Players 


Huffhines Recreation Center 
200 N. Plano Rd 
Richardson, TX 75081

Heights Recreation Center 
711 W. Arapaho Rd
Richardson, TX 75080

Roster Deadline 

 September 26th

Game Days

 October 3 – 6th

 Start Times:


 – Division A


 – Division B

 – Division C

 – Division D


 – Division E



Thank You Partners 



Practice locations are offered at a first come first serve basis, reservations are required at all locations

Heights Recreation Center

Reservations are available starting August 4th.

Practice times are available on Thur and Fri evenings 5pm – 9pm.

Heights Recreation Center

711 W Arapaho Rd, Richardson, TX 75080
(972) 744-7850

Please call ahead to reserve your space.

Check in Procedure

Athletes should check in each day at the registration table at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled competition.

Appropriate identification must be presented at the time of registration. 

Acceptable forms of ID


Team Captains must have their rosters completed and online by the date referenced on the individual rules. These rosters will be used by Corporate Challenge staff to print the Team Waivers that will be signed at event check-in. Players present their identification to the volunteers at the registration desk and all team members must sign the form.


All players must check-in at the registration table prior to their initial game. Please refer to individual events for clarifications on check-in. Each participant must sign the team waiver form, and must produce identification.

 Participation in the Richardson Corporate Challenge is restricted to company employees, retirees, contractors and spouses. In order to ensure fairness, participants will be asked to produce at least one acceptable form of ID.


– An employee photo ID (security) card
– Driver’s license
– Other photo ID


– A company benefits card
– A letter signed by the company’s human resources department verifying that the participant is employed by the company.
– A company pay stub, or photocopy
– An official company business card
– A corporate credit card

Team Captains must have the Team Roster completed and online by the deadline located on each event rule page.


– Letters from human resources with a ‘fill in the blank’ for the employee name.
– Personal credit cards or other non-photo ID cards

Participation Points 

– A complete team will ear 30 participation points 

– Complete teams consist of six different people; men’s, women’s and mixed pairs. 

– Incomplete teams will earn one point for each participant 

– Because this event allows for substitutions after a completed match a complete team will be judged by the participants competing in the first match of each discipline; men’s, mixed and women’s

– Teams will be awarded 2 medals per pair 

Substitution Information 

– Substitutions will be allowed prior to the start of a match (male for male and female for female) 

– Failure to continue to play whether due to injury, prior commitment, poor performance or other reasons, will result in a forfeit of the match with no penalty for the entire event


– There is no uniform requirement, but it is encouraged that each company wear their Corporate Challenge shirt 

Corporate Challenge will Provide

– The game ball and paddles

– Your team should provide practice balls. 

Governing Body 

USA Pickleball will govern play except as noted 

– All times will be posted, play will be continuous

– Winners should report their scores immediately upon completion of play to the event coordinator 

– Matches will be 1 game to 15pts.  Win by 2. 

– Players will call their own lines

– Line judges will not be available

Two Bounce Rule

– When the ball is served, the receiving team must let it bounce before returning, and then the serving team must let it bounce before returning, thus two bounces

– After the ball has bounced once in each team’s court, both teams may either volley the ball (hit the ball before it bounces) or play it off a bounce (ground stroke).

– The two-bounce rule eliminates the serve and volley advantage and extends rallies.

Non-Volley Zone

– The non-volley zone is the court area within 7 feet on both sides of the net.

– Volleying is prohibited within the non-volley zone. This rule prevents players from executing smashes from a position within the zone

– It is a fault if, when volleying a ball, the player steps on the non-volley zone, including the line and/or when the player’s momentum causes them or anything they are wearing or carrying to touch the non-volley zone including the associated lines.

– It is a fault if, after volleying, a player is carried by momentum into or touches the non-volley zone, even if the volleyed ball is declared dead before this happens.

– A player may legally be in the non-volley zone any time other than when volleying a ball.

– The non-volley zone is commonly referred to as “the kitchen.”

Line Calls

– A ball contacting any line, except the non-volley zone line on a serve, is considered “in.”

– A serve contacting the non-volley zone line is short and a fault.


– A fault is any action that stops play because of a rule violation.

– A fault by the receiving team results in a point for the serving team.

– A fault by the serving team results in the server’s loss of serve or side out. 


– In the winners bracket play if a team is late the coordinator will move to the next game with no penalty. If it is the last game of a round the missing team will be placed in the losers bracket. 

– If a team concedes a match or has started and ceases to play during an event, all prior wins or losses will still stand and any points earned will still be awarded 

– Ceasing to play in an event in this manner must be announced to the event coordinator 

NOTE: Men’s, Women’s & Mixed will play on the same night for each division. If you have a male or female playing on both the Mixed and Men’s/Women’s team, you run the risk of a forfeit. 

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