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Event Information

Standard Team Format +
Pool Play 

10 Players 
Minimum of 8 players 
(4 males) 
Maximum of 10 players 
(5 males)  


Huffhines Softball Complex
1500 Apollo Rd
Richardson, TX 75081

Roster Deadline 


Game Days


Thank You Partners 



Practice locations are offered at a first come first serve basis reservations are required at all locations.
All reservations are encouraged to bring the confirmation of the reservation to each practice.
Practice Reservations can be made starting July 1

Monday – Friday 

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Wednesday | Friday

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Saturday | Sunday

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Check in Procedure

Athletes should check in each day at the registration table at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled competition.

Appropriate identification must be presented at the time of registration. 

Acceptable forms of ID


Team Captains must have their rosters completed and online by the date referenced on the individual rules. These rosters will be used by Corporate Challenge staff to print the Team Waivers that will be signed at event check-in. Players present their identification to the volunteers at the registration desk and all team members must sign the form.


All players must check-in at the registration table prior to their initial game. Please refer to individual events for clarifications on check-in. Each participant must sign the team waiver form, and must produce identification.

 Participation in the Richardson Corporate Challenge is restricted to company employees, retirees, contractors and spouses. In order to ensure fairness, participants will be asked to produce at least one acceptable form of ID.


– An employee photo ID (security) card
– Driver’s license
– Other photo ID


– A company benefits card
– A letter signed by the company’s human resources department verifying that the participant is employed by the company.
– A company pay stub, or photocopy
– An official company business card
– A corporate credit card

Team Captains must have the Team Roster completed and online by the deadline located on each event rule page.


– Letters from human resources with a ‘fill in the blank’ for the employee name.
– Personal credit cards or other non-photo ID cards

Participation Points 

– If a team finishes all scheduled games with no forfeits they will earn 30 participation points. 

– Teams will be awarded a maximum of 18 medals per team.

Substitution Information

– Between innings there will be free substitution from the active roster

– Pinch runners are not allowed


– Teams must wear the same color shirt, pennies will be provided in the event that two teams have the same color shirt. If pennies are needed please see the Event Coordinator. 

– Athletic running shoes or rubber cleats will be the only footwear permitted

– Metal cleats are not permitted

Corporate Challenge will Provide 

The game ball – your team should supply practice balls.

Governing Body 

There is no general governing body for this event
Games will be played on a regulation softball diamond or a similar grass field

Gender Requirements
Teams can choose to play with a minimum of 8 players (up to 4 males) up to a maximum of 10 players (up to 5 males) 

– Batting order must rotate gender 

There are no position requirements per gender 


– Prior to game time, ask your ump for a score sheet, line ups must be given to the ump before every game

– All players in the field must be listed on the batting order 

– All games will be unlimited innings with no new inning starting after 40 minutes 

– The umpire will enforce this rule and will make the call at the bottom of the inning | time of last out begins the next inning

Offense Pitcher

– You will pitch to your own team 

– Once the pitcher releases the pitch he/she must make every effort to not hinder the play on the field. They must get out of the way of a kicked ball and allow the defensive players to catch, field and throw the ball

– If in the opinion of the umpire, the pitcher makes an effort but still cannot avoid being hit by a kicked ball then the play will continue and the team in the filed needs to consider it a live ball

– If the umpire determines the pitcher did not make an effort to avoid a kicked ball or hindered the defensive play/players in any way then the kicker is immediately called out and all runners must return to their base of origin

Batting Order

– Teams will bat alternating gender and my bat more than 10 players

– If the ball is overthrown or kicked and hits the fence behind 1st or 3rd base lines, this is NOT considered out of play, the runner may advance but at his/her own risk.


– Each kicker will receive a maximum of 3 pitches

– After 3 pitches if a kicker does not put a ball into play they will be declared out

– No bunting or kicking a ball twice is allowed

– All kicked balls must go beyond the designated bunt line or they will be ruled a bunt and the kicker will be called out

– The kicker is not allowed to cross home plate until the ball is contacted

– The kicker may not kick the ball while their plant foot is outside the kicking box or beyond the front of home plate

– If the kicker does not contact the ball in front of home plate or with their plant foot outside of the kicking box it will be considered a strike and it counts toward the 3 pitch count, if the strike occurs on the 3rd pitch then the kicker is out

– Base runner to defensive player contact will be closely watched by the umpire, any excessive contact or collision will result in an out and/or ejection. This includes contact with the catcher

– In the rare instance a ball is popped during a kick, the pitch will be replayed


– Sliding is not allowed

– The first time a runner is found to have intentionally slide, they will be immediately called out

– Any occurrences after the offensive player will be ejected from the game


– The catcher must be positioned in front of the home plate umpire and cannot move until the kicker makes contact with the ball.

– All fielders must stay behind the pitcher’s mound until the ball is kicked

– There cannot be more then 7 players on the infield at any one time. Once contact has been made the outfielders may cross the line.

– All outfielders must remain behind the chalk, coned and/or otherwise designated infield area.

– If an outfielder crosses the line before contact has been made, the kicker may be awarded first base.

– A foul kick above the batters head may be caught for an out.

– The defense cannot swat, kick or hit a ball out of play in an attempt to keep a ball within the bunt zone. The defense only has a right to make a legitimate play on the ball in attempt to gain control of it inside the bunt zone.

– If the defense makes a play on the ball and knocks the ball foul, short of the bunt line, the ball shall be ruled live.

– If a “soft kicked” ball is controlled by the defense inside the bunt line, the kick will be ruled a bunt and the kicker called out. No attempt to get the runner out at first base will have to be made.

– Base runner to defensive player contact will be closely watched by the umpire. Any excessive contact or collision will result in an out and/or ejection. This includes contact with the catcher.

– ON an infield fly (any ball kicked within the infield with significant arc and deemed an easy catch) with less than 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd the batter is automatically out and runners can advance but at their own risk.

All thrown or kicked balls are deemed out of play when

– The ball is thrown or kicked over the fence

– The ball is thrown or kicked beyond the fence

– On overthrows out of play, the runner is granted the base he/she is going to (at the point of the throw) plus one more.

– In cases where a base runner runs past first base, he/she must make a clearly aggressive turn towards second base to be granted 2nd and 3rd the kicker is automatically out and runners can advance, but at their own risk.

Players are considered out by one of the following

– Not putting the ball in play within 3 pitches

– A fly ball caught by the defense

– A throw out at one of the lead bases

– The runner being tagged by the ball

– Infield fly rule

– A runner being struck by a live ball (thrown or kicked) below the shoulders while attempting to advance or return to a base

– Hitting a runner with a live ball above the waist level is allowed. However any runner hit above the shoulders is considered safe and will be awarded an additional base.

This rule does not apply to a runner who attempts to slide, duck or dive. In this instance if the runner is hit in the head or neck they will be considered out. Base runners may be hit anywhere below the shoulders with a live ball (kicked, thrown or bouncing) and will be considered out. If the runner intentionally uses their head or neck to block the ball, in the eyes of the official, will be deemed out.

Run Rules

– Game Mercy Rule: 15 runes after four completed innings

– Inning run rule: There will be a 7 run limit per inning through innings 1-3

– Exception: unlimited runs may be scored if one of the innings 1-3 is declared the final inning of the game

– Unlimited runs may be scored starting in inning 4 and beyond.

– No leadoffs or stealing

– Runners can leave the base once the ball is kicked by the kicker.

– If a runner leaves early, the ball is dead and the runner is declared out. If this is the 3rd out of the inning the kicker will be first up in the next inning


– Game time is forfeit time. Official time will be the Event Coordintor’s time keeping device.

– Teams forfeiting a winner’s brakcet game will be placed in the loser’s bracket.

– If a team concedes or has started and ceases to play during an event, all piror wins or losses will still stand and any points earned will be awarded. 

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