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Bike Race

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Event Information

Combination Team Format
Team results are a combination of your top 4 Riders | 2 Men, 2 Women (1 rider must be a master rider 40 or older)

Each team is allowed 20 timed riders.


UT Dallas Activity Center 
800 W. Campbell Rd. 
Richardson, TX 75081
*See Parking Map Below* 

Roster Deadline 


Game Days


7:00 a.m.  


Thank You Partners 


Complete teams consist of 2 males and 2 females, with one member being a master rider (40 years or older)

Team captains must enter the date of birth of the master rider when inputting the roster before the deadline.
No master riders will be added after the roster deadline.

Packet Pick Up 



Wednesday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:30 pm.
There is no race day pick up


Corporate Challenge Office
2100 E. Campbell Rd. Ste. 100
Richardson, TX 75081
South side of the Municipal Court building

Online Waiver

Each rider must sign the online waiver prior to anyone picking up the riders bib. No online waiver signature = no bib.

Check in Procedure

– There will be no race day packet pick up

– All bibs must be picked up during the designated packet up dates 

– The online waiver must be signed prior to the bibs being released to the team captain or individual

Participation Points 

– A complete team (2 men, 2 women, one master) will earn 30 participation points 

– Each additional rider will earn one point up to the 20 timed rider limit

– Incomplete teams will earn one point for each participant 

– 4 medals per team will be awarded to qualifying teams in each division


– All riders MUST wear protective helmet to compete

No helmet – No race – No Exceptions 

– There is no uniform requirement, but it is encouraged that each company wear their Corporate Challenge shirts

Combination Team Format

– Each team will be provided a maximum of 20 timed bibs

– Complete team time will be the combined times of all four riders after they cross the finish line. The top 2 men and top 2 women rider’s times are combined (to include one master rider) 

– Incomplete teams will be figured into the standings only after tallying the scores of complete teams

– Medals are awarded by teams, a total of 4 medals will be given to qualifying teams

–  All riders beyond the standard team of 4 will be awarded participation points for your team

– Teams will be sent off in one-minute increments. In staging teams for sendoff at the start, please stage the competitive team members at the front

– Both chipped and non-chipped bike race is limited to employees, spouses, and retirees of Corporate Challenge.

– No children are allowed to participate

.Governing Body 

There is no general governing body for this event: 

– Team Captain will choose and enter a maximum of 20 riders who will be given a timing bib. The bib will be read electronically as the rider crosses the designated finish line the bib must be attached to the handlebars for it to record correctly.

– All riders must be riding a self-propelled bike.

– All bibs must be used by the rider assigned to that bib on the roster. It is the responsibility of the rider to verify that the information on the bib is correct before the race start

– Riders will not cut corners to deviate from the designated course, violators will be disqualified 

– No outside aid is allowed, only riders entered in the event may render aid in the case of mechanical failure 

– Water and first aid will be provided at the start and finish line, which is located on the UT Dallas campus


– A complete team will consist of the best (2) men and best (2) women (one of four must be a master rider) 

– Master riders must be designated on the roster prior to the event, no changes will be made to the roster after the roster deadline. (Master riders are participants who are 40 years or older) 

– Medals will be awarded by teams (4 per team)

– Incomplete teams will be figured into the standings only after tallying the scores of complete teams

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