July 15

Event Agreement Forms & Opening Rental Forms Due

August 7

T-Shirts Due (if entering the T-Shirt Competition)

October 6

Contributions for SOTX Due


  • Hang some promo posters in your break areas or mail room to let everyone know your company is in.
  • Select your Coaches for each event - host a meeting to get them all on the same page... Get them to start soliciting players.. remember - spouses and retirees are eligible players too!
  • Decide on your T-Shirt look - will you have an in-house contest, do you have a creative person who will design?
  • Form your Spirit Committees, if your company decides to have one!
  • Decide how you will handle sign-ups - actual sign-up party, ice cream social, company picnic/events - involve your Spirit Committee &/or Coaches.
  • Start thinking bout your fund raising efforts - will you participate in the raffle, will you do casual day buttons, bake sale, t0shirt sales, silent auction?


  • Have your sign-up parties, socials or events - feel free to invite the CC Staff! We love to be there!
  • Familiarize your Coaches with the web.
  • Practice opportunities will be given at the June Coordinator's Meeting - make sure your Coaches are aware of facilities, practice passes, etc.
  • Be on the look-out for league opportunities to use as practice!
  • Start planning for internal competitions or hosting try-outs if you need to narrow down your rosters for some events.
  • Start looking at placing your order for t-shirts - Opening Ceremony is August 11!
  • Can you start implementing your fund raising efforts?
  • Using spirit give-a-ways (i.e. pom-poms, #1 hands, fans, noise makers, etc.)? Order them now!


  • Time to have your Coaches hold try-outs to determine your participating teams... some events are only a month away!
  • Coaches should begin to submit rosters on-line.
  • Submit your Event Agreement Form to the CC Staff.
  • Start working on the details for Opening Ceremony - Menu? Catering or pot luck?
  • Ordering tables & chairs? Submit your Opening Rental Agreement Form to the CC Staff.
  • Start thinking about how you will update your employees once the games begin.
  • Promo calendars should be in - get them up as reminders to everyone.
  • Raffle Tickets should be in - recruit your Spirit Committee, Coaches and other employees to help raise your minimum to be donated to Special Olympics Texas!


  • GAME ON! Have a great time at Opening Ceremony!
  • Take photos & send to the CC Staff
  • Remember to send updates to your company
  • HAVE FUN & enjoy the next 10 weeks of games!