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Divisions: A AA B BB C D

This hugely popular event consists of teams battling it out for bragging rights. Who will win the battle? (10 players - 5 men, 5 women - You may play more women than men)

Evaluation: Please take a moment and evaluate this past years event.

Standard Team Format with Pool Play

Roster Due:

September 23



Available on QuickScores

Game Days:

September 27 - 29

Rain-Out: 972-744-4301

Huffhines Ball Fields
1500 N. Apollo Rd.
Richardson, TX 75081


Reservations are not avaliable until July 8th
Beginning July 14:

Canyon Creek Park (Wednesday/Friday)

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Crowley Park East (Monday - Friday)

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Crowley Park East (Saturday - Sunday)

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Crowley Park West (Monday - Friday)

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Crowley Park West (Saturday - Sunday)

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Custer Park (Monday - Friday)

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Custer Park (Saturday - Sunday)

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Mimosa Park (Wednesday/Friday)

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Woodland Park (Wednesday/Friday)

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Procedure :

Athletes should check in each day at the registration desk at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled competition.

Appropriate identification must be presented at the time of registration.


See Identification Segment for acceptable forms of ID

Substitution Information:

Game substitutions must be made according to the same gender.
All substitutions must be made with the home plate umpire.

Corporate Challenge Will Provide:

The game balls - your team should supply practice balls.
Men will hit 12" balls; Women will hit 11" balls.

Points :

If a team finishes all scheduled games with no forfeits they will earn 30 participation points.



Teams must wear the same color shirt with at least 6-inch numbers on the back.


Body :

USSSA rules will govern play except as noted: 

  • There will be a (2) homerun limit (over the fence) per game.
  • All games will be (7) innings or a (50) minute time limit. A (15) run rule will be in effect after (4) innings (4.5 with the home team ahead) or (10) runs after (5) innings (3.5 with the home team ahead). 
    An inning ends after the 3rd out.  If time remains after the 3rd out, the next inning must be played.
  • No steel or metal spikes allowed. Only rubber cleats or tennis shoes will be permitted.
  • Offensive team must alternate the batting line up according to gender. A designated hitter may be used for each sex.
  • Defensive Alignment: There are no requirements as to where men and women must play
  • The line-up must be turned in & exchanged with the other team captain (10) minutes prior to start of game.
  • Home team determined by flip of coin conducted by umpire.
  • Protests must be filed properly with the home plate umpire and settled prior to the next pitch.
  • Managers should review ground rules with umpires before each game.
  • If a male batter is walked intentionally or unintentionally, the following female batter has the option of batting or automatically taking a walk and advancing to first base.
    (Note: This is left up to the female batter who must inform the plate umpire of her intent prior to entering the batter's box.)