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Divisions: A AA B BB C D

No green jacket, BUT the gold medal will go to the lowest combined score of your team. (All Divisions: 2 twosomes with at least 1 member of the opposite sex on one squad)

Evaluation: Please take a moment and evaluate this past years event.

Combination Team Format, Open Competition:


All Divisions - 4 players (with at least one being female) broken up into 2 twosomes. .

Roster Due:

September 6

Game Days:

September 14 - 15


Division Tee Times:

September 14
8:00 am - Division B/D
1:30 pm - Division A/C


September 15

8:00 am - Division AA/BB
Rain-Out: 972-744-4301

Sherrill Park - Course 2
2001 E. Lookout Dr
Richardson, TX 75082



Check the Sherrill Park Golf Course for available practice times
Click Here


FOR MORE INFO CALL: 972-234-1416

Procedure :

Athletes should check in each day at the registration desk at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled competition.


Appropriate identification must be presented at the time of registration.


See Identification Segment for acceptable forms of ID


All Divisions: combined score of the 2 twosomes

Points :

A complete team will earn 30 participation points. Complete teams will consist of 2 twosomes (with at least 1 female)

  • A complete team will receive full participation points
  • All 4 players must be available to play at the scheduled start time to receive full participation points.



Shirts with collars are required. Separate company shirts do not have to be ordered to meet this requirement.


If you have company polo shirts that simply have your company logo and/or name on it - that will suffice.

Body :

 United States Golf Association (USGA) rules will govern play except as noted: 

    • Format will be Select Shot sometimes known as Florida Scramble. 5 shots are mandatory from each player throughout the 18 holes excluding “tap-ins” (A tap in is considered any ball that is within an open scorecards length of the hole)
    • On each hole, each member will play a shot. The team will select the best shot. Each team member then plays the next shot from that spot and the process is repeated until the hole is completed. (Every player must contribute a minimum of 5 shots for the round. You must indicate on the card whose shot was used until all players have contributed the minimum 5 shots.)
    • In order to maintain pace of play a maximum score of double bogey maximum score per hole.
    • All carts must follow the starter and leave at the designated tee time. Once the carts pull out of the club house, as led by the starter, any foursomes that are short a player(s) shall be considered a total team forfeit. Forfeited teams are still welcome to play their round.
    • Range balls are available to purchase in the pro shop.
    • Each golfer must play with their own set of clubs.
    • In order to get full participation points, golfers must remain with their team throughout the duration of the round (excluding leaving for emergencies).
    • "One and done, please." No practice shots permitted during tournament play either prior to or after your "official shot."
    • At each selected spot through the green, the team members will play from any point within three feet of where the selected ball comes to rest, but no closer to the hole.
    • In a hazard or sand trap, the selected ball will be played first from the point where it lies. Each other player shall then drop, in accordance with the rules, within one club length of that point, but within the hazard.
      Balls in the rough may be moved up to one club length, but must be played in the rough.
    • On the green, the ball selected will be marked and each putt will be played from as near that mark as possible.
    • In order to speed play, a shot near the hole may be tapped in and will not affect the team score if a subsequent shot is holed.
    • As a courtesy to other golfers, and to observe proper golf etiquette, no radios or other broadcast music will be allowed from golf carts on the course at any time.
    • As in all Corporate Challenge events, honesty is expected among teams.
    • Men will play from black markers. Women will play from red.
    • No spectators are allowed on the course. This includes team captains who are not playing.