Getting Started

Your Company is In... Now What?

Each company appoints a 'Company Coordinator', who will be the primary organizer and liaison between your organization and the Games Office. With over 12,000 participants it would be nearly impossible for our Games Staff to field inquiries from each of these individuals. That's where the Company Coordinator...YOU...come into play!

YOU are vital to both your company, as well as to US, the Games Staff. We will work closely with you to ensure the event is the best it can be for your organization.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Acting as the primary liaison between your participants and the Games Office (i.e. Individual participants should not call the office, they should field their questions through their Company Coordinator)
  • Recruiting fellow employees to assist in organizing your teams (i.e. coaches/captains, spirit committee members, fund-raising chairs, etc.)
  • Communicating with your company's managers to ensure they are aware of your involvement and the benefits to your company and its employees.
  • Attending Company Coordinator meetings
  • Ensuring that registration forms, team rosters, etc. are completed and submitted on time.
  • Distributing schedules, site maps, rules, Team Waiver Form(s), and other information within your organization.

We encourage all Coordinators to recruit as many employees as possible to coach and/or captain a team, to take the lead on your spirit committee or to spearhead your fund-raising efforts. The team-building starts well before you hit the field or court!

Some helping hands along the way....

Team Captains will be important to you! Each event that your company participates in should have a designated Team Captain. These individuals will prepare your teams for play, secure practice times, coordinate practice times, hold tryouts (if necessary), and assure that on game day your team is on time and ready to play!

A Spirit Committee is not a requirement for each participating company, but does provide more support throughout the games! These individuals can rally your company to come out to cheer on your participants at the various events, design your shirts and perhaps order some of the other spirit related items for your company. Some companies have mascots, others have banners made, and some even bring out the noise makers! A Spirit Committee is a great way to get even more of your company involved and helps to ensure fan support at each of the events.

A Fund-Raising Committee, while not a requirement, is yet one more way to involve even more of your employees! These might be those individuals who come to you and say, “I’m not athletic, but I want to participate." What The Corporate Challenge gives back to Special Olympics Texas is important, not just from a philanthropic standpoint, but to every athlete who benefits from our gifts. We have given over $1.4M to this wonderful charity and look forward to continue giving with your help!

We are available to help recruit and organize your team. Feel free to contact us!