Promote athletic activities and general physical fitness for employees of business organizations, governmental entities and members of professional associations. To foster research, study and analyze the collection of data and statistics relating to physical fitness and athletic competition, to determine the advantage of athletic and recreational competition within the workplace. While providing persons employed by business organizations, governmental entities and associations individual and team competitions.

Bring together Richardson area businesses and their employees in competition to promote employee benefits in recreational activities, to enhance employee/employer relations, generate cooperation, goodwill, fitness and fellowship by bringing employees together. Additionally, Corporate Challenge will enhance the concept of volunteerism within participating companies.

Annually DFW-area businesses take part in the City of Richardson’s Corporate Challenge, the results are extraordinary! The Corporate Challenge is a professionally run, volunteer driven, Olympic-style competition involving as many as 23 athletic and non-athletic events produced by the City of Richardson Parks and Recreation Department. A managing board made up of a select group of company representatives and city employees develop the policies and procedures that rule and govern the events.

The 10 week competition kicks off with an Opening Ceremony in August then proceeds in competitions in events ranging from the very physical softball, basketball and soccer to the more sedentary darts, billiards and miniature golf. The challenge wraps up with the Closing Ceremony in October. All events take place in the evenings, after normal business hours and on weekends.

Companies are divided into two different levels, level 1 (350+ employees), level 2 (350 or less employees). Each level is separated into different divisions based on similar size employee base, past participation and competitiveness. Company placement within divisions will be determined after the registration deadline; this is to ensure ideal balance of teams for competitions.

The Corporate Challenge promotes, supports teamwork, company pride and corporate wellness, all through healthy competition. In addition to the employee benefits, the challenge can also be used as a cost-effective marketing tool to promote your company in the community and garner business. The Richardson Corporate Challenge is patterned after the enormously successful games in Las Vegas.

Entry fees are due by: April 30th
Please see timeline for other deadlines that may be of interest.

Events Available to Level 1 and Level 2 companies
There is no rule regarding the maximum number of events in which an individual may participate. However, in the spirit of the games and to support the intent of Corporate Challenge, company coordinators are encouraged to involve as many different people as possible in all events.

Companies will compete in the following events, for the level they are placed in:

Level One - Divisions A, AA, B, BB
5K Run   Dodgeball   Soccer
Badminton   Dominoes (42)   Softball
Basketball   Golf   Table Tennis
Bike Race   Horseshoes   Tennis
Billiards   Kickball   Texas Hold 'Em
Bowling   Miniature Golf   Ultimate Frisbee
Cornhole   Punt, Pass & Kick   Volleyball

Level Two - Divisions C, D
5K Run   Darts   Punt, Pass & Kick
Badminton   Dodgeball   Softball
Basketball   Dominoes (42)   Table Tennis
Bike Race   Golf   Texas Hold 'Em
Billiards   Horseshoes   Ultimate Frisbee
Bowling   Kickball   Volleyball
Cornhole   Miniature Golf    


Although while not mandatory, it is recommended that each company have a team shirt. Uniform requirements for each event will be located in the rules for that event. Six inch numbers (screened or iron-on) will be required on shirts in the Soccer, Softball, and Basketball only. No taped numbers will be allowed.

Rain Out Information
It may not be possible to reschedule all events that are rained out if multiple events are lost due to bad weather. In this extremely rare case, the Corporate Challenge Board along with staff will make the decision as to which events to reschedule. Should rain threaten during the day, participants should call the Corporate Challenge Rain-Out Line: 972.744.4301 after 3:00 p.m. to get further instructions and check the Facebook page.

The Richardson Corporate Challenge is made possible, thanks to the support of our community-minded sponsors. Without the financial and in-kind support of our sponsors, RCC simply would not happen. You will see their names on our posters, website, handouts, and other printed materials. Please let them know you appreciate their support by turning around and supporting them, by taking advantage of their special offers or telling them in your own words that you value their sponsorship. This will help ensure their continued involvement and the success of the Richardson Corporate Challenge.


With over 12,000 participants involved in the Richardson Corporate Challenge, it would be impossible for the Games Office to field inquiries from individual participants.
Therefore, we request that only Company Coordinators contact the Games Office when made aware of issues or questions not answered in the website.
Athletes and team captains should not call the Games Office directly. Employees should direct their questions about Corporate Challenge to:

  1. their team captain; or
  2. their Company Coordinator; or
  3. research our website

Aggregate Companies
Any two or more companies may enter together as a single team, with a single designated coordinator to deal with the City. The total number of employees in the two companies will determine their division placement.
The Corporate Challenge will not be involved in their internal workings. Fees and volunteers duties will also be appointed as if it is a single company.

Company Coordinator
Each company appoints a 'Company Coordinator', who will be the primary organizer and liaison between the participants and the Games Office. This person's responsibilities include:

  1. Recruiting fellow employees to assist in organizing your teams including sport captains & volunteer coordinator.
  2. Acting as the primary liaison between your participants and the Games Office (i.e. Individual participants should not call the office, they should field their questions through the Company Coordinator)
  3. Communicating with your company's managers to ensure they are aware of your involvement and the benefits to your company and its employees.
  4. Attending Company Coordinator meetings in Timeline.
  5. Ensuring that registration forms, team captain lists, etc. are completed and submitted on time.
  6. Distributing schedules, site maps, rules, Team Waiver Form(s), and other information to captains etc.

Corporate Challenge offers a variety of assistance (photo albums, video presentations, etc.) to help the Company Coordinator recruit and organize their team.

Monthly Company Coordinator meetings will begin in April to provide you with valuable information on how to make this event the best it can be for your company. Please plan to attend these meetings, or have an alternate representative present. When and where do we meet? See Timeline.


The Corporate Challenge is open to any company in the metroplex. Since the goal of the Richardson Corporate Challenge is to foster company pride and team spirit, participation is for regular company employees, retirees, contractors and spouses. To be eligible to participate, individuals must be at least 18 years of age, and one of the following:

  1. Regular employee must be employed by the company before the Opening Ceremony and continue employment up to the dates of any events in which they participate. A regular employee must receive the minimum level of employee benefits in accordance with the employee policies of their respective company. The employee need not be employed full-time if they satisfy the minimum benefits requirement. College interns do not qualify as regular employees.
  2. Retired Employee where a retiree is defined as a former employee receiving retirement benefits from the company, or an individual over the age of 60 who spent at least 15 years with the company. In this case, a copy of a benefit statement or letter from the human resources department may be used as company ID, along with an acceptable form of photo ID.
  3. Contract Worker if their contract begins on or before the date of the Opening Ceremony, the contract continues up to the dates of any events in which they participate, the contract length is at least six months, and the contractor works primarily in the company's offices and not contracted/working for other companies at the same time. The intent is to extend the participation privilege to those people who work side-by-side with regular employees for an extended period of time. Participation privileges do not extend to "ringers", extraordinary athletes who are given short contracts for the primary purpose of competing in an event. Participation privileges also do not extend to outside third-party companies who contract as a whole with the participating company and whose employees regularly work at the offices of the outside company.
  4. Spouse of an employee is defined as an adult companion that is eligible for benefits through their partner's company. In this case, a copy of a benefit statement or letter from the human resources department may be used as company ID, along with an acceptable form of photo ID.

If a protest regarding the eligibility of a participant arises, the burden of proof as to eligibility rests on the participant and their Company Coordinator or Captain/Coaches. All eligibility protests must be brought to the attention of the Event Coordinator on-site at the time of play. For all eligibility protests the Event Coordinator will stop play and perform a roster check immediately.

Violating Eligibility Rules
Any team found to have violated the eligibility rules will be forced to forfeit all games associated with that event as well as be disqualified from the same event in the subsequent years Corporate Challenge.

Amateur Status
The Richardson Corporate Challenge is an amateur event. Any player who has participated as a professional in a sport shall be ineligible to participate for three calendar years after their last day as a member of a professional team in that sport, or a similar sport. The Board of Management, or their designee, will determine the definition of a similar sport and their decision will be final.

A professional is defined as "Any individual who may have received compensation for playing, including appearance money, or who is recognized by that sport's governing body as a playing professional. However, in certain sports the person may accept prizes and/or money based on the individuals place finish and still is considered an amateur (i.e. 5k, Bike Race, and Texas Hold Em). If the Company Coordinator is not sure if a person is eligible to participate it will be the Company Coordinators responsibility to seek clarification from the Corporate Challenge Staff prior to the event. The Board of Management, or their designee, will determine the eligibility of a player and their decision will be final.

If you have a team member who could be considered a professional, based upon their part-time employment or tournament status, please consult the Games Office. Professional athletes may, however, participate in events other than their own discipline. Teaching professionals will be considered eligible to participate as long as they have not received money while competing in a tournament. Any professional found entering their sport will be automatically disqualified from all events.


Forfeits (No Call, No Show)
If a team forfeits an event that they have previously signed up for they will be subject to a penalty.

1st Offense - A team will forfeit any and all participation points for the event.
2nd Offense - A team will lose any and all participation points for the event in addition to 8 total points from their overall scores.
3rd Offense - A team will lose any and all participation points for the event in addition to 16 total points from their overall scores.

After the 3rd offense, the directors of the challenge reserve the right to disqualify a team from the remainder of the challenge along with further disciplinary action deemed necessary.


Volunteers are a MAJOR part of the City of Richardson Corporate Challenge, volunteers are essential to making this event a success. In addition, volunteerism is a great way to get more of your employees, family and friends involved in the spirit of the Corporate Challenge.

Company volunteers will help out in areas that involve interaction with participants, other volunteers, sponsor and games staff. Company volunteers will not be expected to fill highly skilled or technical roles. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age, but do not need to be employed by your company. We recommend against anyone both participating and volunteering for the same event due to possible scheduling conflicts.

All participating companies will be assigned one event to supply volunteers, events will be assigned prior to the start of the challenge.

Volunteer Assignments
Company volunteers will be assigned, as a group, to one or more events. Specific volunteer assignments (event dates, times and roles) will be provided to your company coordinator. Requests to change your assigned volunteer event, date or time WILL NOT be considered.

Any team that does not fulfill their volunteer requirements will be subject to a 10 point penalty to be taken away from your overall score. As well as disqualification from a subsequent event and may forfeit their spot in the next year’s Corporate Challenge. This will be up to the discretion of the Games Office.


Teams will supply their own practice equipment; Richardson Corporate Challenge will provide game day equipment. For a list of specific exceptions and descriptions of the equipment provided by the Corporate Challenge please consult the individual event pages.

Badminton Game Shuttlecocks
Basketball Game Balls
Bowling Bowling Shoes
Cornhole Boards/Bags
Dodgeball Game Balls
Dominos (42) Dominos, Scratch Paper, Pencils
Horseshoes Horseshoes
Kickball Game Balls
Punt, Pass & Kick Game Balls/Tee
Soccer Game Balls
Softball Game Balls
Table Tennis Game Balls
Tennis Game Balls
Texas Hold Em All Equipment
Ultimate Frisbee Game Frisbee's
Volleyball Game Balls

First aid stations and kits will be on hand to assist with injuries/abrasions associated with events, as will personal trainers when available. Local emergency procedures will be activated for serious emergencies through the 911 systems.

Players should supply their own water or supplemental drinks at outdoor events. This is highly recommended due to warm temperatures in the fall. Corporate Challenge staff will supply water for the 5k run and Bike Race.


Schedules and Bracket Placement
A proposed calendar of events will be distributed at the Company Coordinator meetings and is subject to change. Once all teams have submitted their event agreement form, the Corporate Challenge is able to create and confirm the event schedules based on the number of teams competing.

Until then, we are not able to provide specific information about which division will play on which day, at what time etc. Schedules and brackets will be posted on the Corporate Challenge website. As the brackets progress, schedules will be updated on QuickScores website.

It is the responsibility of the team captain for each team to confirm game times as the brackets progress. Brackets will be filled with a blind draw system, taking into account gold medals winners from the previous year.

Start Times
All participants must be checked-in at the registration desk and ready to start their event at the designated start time. In consideration of other teams, please arrive at your event 30 minutes prior to start time. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME.

Forfeit & Withdrawal
Once the schedules are set, it is very difficult to change them to accommodate teams that must withdraw or forfeit. Your opponents are geared up for their events, facilities are booked, and officials and volunteers are waiting. Please make every attempt to be there. If your team forfeits one of the following will apply:

  1. In bracket play in the winners bracket when no start time is listed, if a team is late the coordinator will move to the next game with no penalty.
  2. If it is the last game of a round the missing team will be placed in the losers bracket.
  3. In bracket play in the winners bracket when a start time is listed, Game Time is Forfeit Time. Official time will be the coordinators time keeping devise.
  4. Teams forfeiting a winners bracket game will be placed in the losers bracket.
  5. In Pair Teams (multiple sub-events) each sub-event, Men’s, Women’s & Mixed will be treated individually with regard to forfeit or withdrawal. Scenarios one and two will apply accordingly.
  6. For pool play events forfeit & withdrawal details will be explained in the event specific rules.
  7. If a team concedes a match and announces so to the event coordinator said team will be considered the loser of that match.
  8. If a team has started and ceases to play during an event, all prior wins or losses will still stand and any points earned will still be awarded.

Withdrawals from an entire event should be made in writing to the Corporate Challenge Office at least 72 hours before the scheduled match. In doing so, said team will be declared the loser of any scheduled or remaining.

In all competition, substitutions will be allowed prior to the event for players who cannot play for one reason or another. Any eligible company representative may replace a person on the active roster for the entire event, according to the specific event rules. No substitutions are allowed after an event has begun.

Failure to continue play, whether due to injury, prior commitment, poor performance, or any other reason, will result in a concession of the match with no penalty, if announced to the event coordinator. For substitution policies in team sports, such as basketball, softball, etc. check the individual rules pages.

In the event of a rescheduling due to field and/or weather conditions; this rule may be rescinded by the Corporate Challenge Director.

Blood Rule
A player who is bleeding, or who has blood on his uniform, shall be prohibited from participating further until the game official (event coordinator if no official is present) approves players return. If medical care or treatment is administered in a reasonable length of time, the individual will not have to leave the game.

The length of time that is considered reasonable is left to the judgment of the game official (Event Coordinator) if no official is present. Uniform rule violations will not be enforced if a uniform change is required. The game official or Event Coordinator shall:

  1. Stop the game and allow treatment if the injured player would affect the continuation of the game.
  2. Immediately call a coach, trainer, or other authorized person to the injured player.

Tie Breakers
The procedure for breaking ties in the standings at the end of an event will be located in the rules for each event.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct
The Richardson Corporate Challenge reserves the rights to disqualify, suspend, or remove any participant, coach, spectator, team, or company that conducts himself or herself in an unsportsmanlike manner before, during, or after any event or game.

Remember, as a member of your corporate team, you are representing your company, and your behavior reflects on your organization. Physical aggression, taunting and/or verbal abuse toward other participants, volunteers, officials, spectators, and staff will not be tolerated.

Participant Responsibility
Spectators and families are encouraged to attend Corporate Challenge events. However, participants are responsible for the actions of any children brought to events. Children should be watched closely to ensure that they do not interfere with events in progress. No food or drinks of any kind are allowed in the gymnasiums.

Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol will be permitted on a BYO Beer or Wine basis for select Corporate Challenge events hosted at the Richardson Civic Center (Darts, Texas Hold-Em and Dominoes).

Hard Alcohol/Liquor will not be permitted at these events.

The decision of an official is final. Protests regarding judgment calls on the part of referees, judges, or Event Coordinators are not allowed. Protests are allowed only on matters of eligibility or breeches of other Corporate Challenge rules. Protests must be filed in writing submitted to the Games Office (2100 E Campbell Rd, Suite 100, Richardson TX 75083) within 24 hours of the problem, along with a $50 deposit.
Protests will be reviewed with the Event Coordinator and a protest committee made up of members of the Corporate Challenge Board of Management and PARD administrative staff within 24 hours of the protest. The $50 deposit will be refunded if the protest is allowed.

Unforseen Circumstance
In the event that there is a dispute over an unforeseen problem, the Corporate Challenge Board will render a final decision.


Team Captains must have their rosters completed and online by the date referenced on the individual rules. These rosters will be used by Corporate Challenge staff to print the Team Waivers that will be signed at event check-in. Players present their identification to the volunteers at the registration desk and all team members must sign the form.

All players must check-in at the registration table prior to their initial game. Please refer to individual events for clarifications on check-in. Each participant must sign the team waiver form, and must produce identification.

Participation in the Richardson Corporate Challenge is restricted to company employees, retirees, contractors and spouses. In order to ensure fairness, participants will be asked to produce at least one acceptable form of ID.

Acceptable forms of ID:

  1. An employee photo ID (security) card
  2. Driver's license
  3. Other photo ID

Other acceptable forms of ID:

  1. A company benefits card
  2. A letter signed by the company’s human resources department verifying that the participant is employed by the company.
  3. A company pay stub, or photocopy
  4. An official company business bard
  5. A corporate credit card

Team Captains must have the Team Roster completed and online by the deadline located on each event rule page.

Unacceptable forms of ID:

  1. Letters from human resources with a 'fill in the blank' for the employee name.
  2. Social Insurance Cards, personal credit cards or other non-photo ID cards.


Team points will be awarded for placing in events as follows:

1st Place 37 points
2nd Place 29 points
3rd Place 22 points
4th Place 16 points
5th Place 11 points
6th Place 7 points
7th Place 4 points
8th Place 2 points
9th Place 1 point
Participation 1 point

Scoring by Event
Overall points will determine according to the following for each event. These combined totals will determine overall company rank including participation points.

Dominos (42)
Dominos is an exception to the normal tournament bracket in that all companies can enter two teams (no gender restrictions), each team will earn points. The combined total of both teams will determine their rank.

Team Events
Basketball, Dodgeball, Kickball, Soccer, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball
These events employ a double elimination bracket/poo play, where each company within a division has a single team. Points are awarded based on a team’s final bracket placement. In bracket play teams finishing 5th and 6th, who did not play each other in a previous round will each receive 5th place points.

Bowling and Golf
These events will be open competition; the combined total of those teams’ scores will determine their rank.

Men’s, Women’s, Mixed events:
Badminton, Billiards, Cornhole, Darts, Horseshoes, Mini Golf, Table Tennis, Tennis
Bracketed competition, the winners are awarded medals/points for the corresponding finish. When all the sub-events are completed, all of the points are added together for a company. Thus determining their overall rank (the overall rank does not result in additional medals, this is for point purposes only) Based on rank, company points will be awarded.

Open Competition
5k Run, 15k Bike Race
Measured by time, the combined measurement of each company’s participants will be used to determine rank in each event. There is no maximum number of entries for either event.

5k Run
Division A, AA, B, BB - top 3 men, 3 women finishing times, 1 of 6 must be a master runner (over 40)
Division C, D - top 2 men, 2 women finishing times, 1 of 4 must be a master runner (over 40)

15k Bike
Complete team time will be the combined times of all four riders after they cross the finish line
4 riders total for all divisions 2 men, 2 women 1 of 4 must be master rider (over 40)

Punt, Pass & Kick, Texas Hold Em
Measured by overall finish, each participants ranking will be totaled to make a team score. These team scores will be ranked and company points will be awarded.

All competition is by division; "A" division companies compete only against other "A" division companies, "B" against "B", and "C" against "C". Top finishes in each event are recognized by the awarding of gold, silver and bronze medals for 1st - 3rd place, based on the recommended number of team members for each event.

Coaches and captains do not receive medals, unless they are registered players as well. Additionally, points are awarded in each event, which are totaled to determine an overall Corporate Challenge winner in each division. At the end of the competition, the 1st - 3rd place companies in each division receive a plaque. The champion in each division also receives a traveling trophy, which they keep for one year.

Companies compete throughout the competition for best sportsmanship, best team spirit and best T-shirt. Sportsmanship, team spirit, and T-shirt awards are presented at the closing ceremonies.

Pair Teams
Sub-events which have three pairs (men’s, women’s and mixed) will receive overall points depending on the place they received. The points received per place received per pair gets added up for a total score. The total score is then ranked with the other companies, after being totaled and ranked, your company will receive a place in the final standings.
*a medal is not give for final standings of sub-events*

For example - suppose your men’s team receives Gold = 37pts, women’s team receives Bronze = 22pts, and the mixed team receives 6th = 7pts. The company’s total would come to 66 total points. The 66 points places your company in 2nd place in the final standings. Total points earned would be 66, which will go to your company total.

Standard Teams
Each company puts together a team with the number of participants being determined by the event. These competitions are typically double elimination brackets/pool play where the winners are awarded medals and points based on final rankings.

Combination Teams
Punt, Pass & Kick, The Bike Race, 5k Run and Golf
Points are determined by the participant times, distances or combination of scores to determine ranking.

For example - Punt, Pass and Kick. 2 men/2 women, who each punt, pass and kick, represent each company. The four distances would be used for ranking purposes against the other teams.

For example - Golf 2 twosomes play on different cards, after the completion of the game, scores from both twosomes are added together for a total score, this is what is entered to calculate the rankings.

Competition Types 

Open Competition
5k and 15k Bike race are the only two events that are considered open competition. This means there is no maximum number or participants allowed. All participants can compete at the same time, winners are determined at the end by some measurement. See specific event rules for more details.

Double Elimination Brackets
Points are awarded based on a team’s final bracket placement. Teams finishing 5th and 6th who did not play each other in any previous round will equally split the total points available for the place they occupy in the final results of that event.

For example - 2 teams will split the total of the points awarded to 5th place (11 points) and 6th place (7 points) for a total of 9 points each.
Dominos is an exception to the normal tournament bracket in that companies can enter two teams.

For example - If a company’s two teams end up in 1st and 3rd in the dominos tournament, both pairs of people would be awarded medals. The gold worth 37pts and the bronze worth 22pts would be award to the company for a total of 59 points for their overall ranking.


Participation points will be earned in each event. All events will be added together, then companies will be ranked by division. Points will be scored as a separate event and count toward the overall standings for each company. To receive participation points, competitors must complete the event as designed. Participants will receive participation points based on the following scenarios:

Event Complete Team Maximum Points
5k Run 6 or 4 * 30
add 1 point per additional runner
Badminton 6 30
Basketball 5 30
Bike Race 4 30
add 1 point per additional rider
Billiards 6 30
Bowling 10 30
Cornhole 6 30
Darts 6 30
Dodgeball 6 30
Dominos (42) 4 30
Golf 4 30
Horseshoes 6 30
Kickball 10 30
Miniature Golf 6 30
Punt, Pass & Kick 4 30
Soccer 11 30
Softball 10 30
Table Tennis 6 30
Tennis 6 30
Texas Hold Em 4 30
Ultimate Frisbee 7 30
Volleyball 6 30

Regardless, one participation point will be awarded for each participant.

The Great Walk
The following points will be awarded based on the following range of walkers (1pt. for every 6 walkers, with a max of 30 pts.)

1-6 Walkers 1 point
7-12 Walkers 2 points
13-18 Walkers 3 points
163-168 Walkers 28 points
169-174 Walkers 29 points
175+ Walkers 30 points

5k Run
Division A, AA, B, BB
A complete team will consist of 6 (3men, 3women) with one being a master (over 40)
Division C, D
A complete team will consist of 4 (2men, 2women) with one being a master (over 40)

15k Bike
A complete team will consist of 2men, 2women with one being a master (over 40)