• Badminton

    Quick feet and solid hand-eye coordination are keys to this multi-day event.

  • Basketball

    Finesse, teamwork and team play is what it takes to claim the gold in this tournament.

  • Bike Race

    A nine mile ride where working as a team is the goal. The top male and female riders combine their times for ranking among companies. Registration is unlimited.

  • Billiards

    "Eight Ball" is the name of the game and top shooters representing every company will compete.

  • Bowling

    The lanes will be waxed and ready, will your team of ten?

  • Cornhole

    Show off your skill and enjoy some serious fun at the Cornhole competition!

  • Darts

    Once again hand-eye coordination will indicate which Men’s, Women’s and Mixed doubles teams can be combined for enough points to be declared champion.

  • Dodgeball

    This event takes you back to your elementary school days - sure to be action packed and plenty of fun!

  • Dominoes (42)

    Nothing quiet about this game. A two evening, double elimination tournament where teams get to show off their skills.

  • Golf

    No green jacket, BUT the gold medal will go to the lowest combined scores of your team.

  • Horseshoes

    Men's, Women's and Mixed pairs show their skill and enjoy a serious (but fun) evening outing.

  • Kickball

    This event is a great childhood game - sure to bring back a few memories and plenty of competition!

  • Miniature Golf

    A high-pressure pairs event with great camaraderie and team spirit.

  • Punt, Pass & Kick

    Exciting action with each toss of the ball.

  • Soccer

    Pool play determines the placement of teams in the highly competitive double elimination tournament. No kids play here!

  • Softball

    This hugely popular event consists of teams battling it out for bragging rights. Who will win the battle?

  • Table Tennis

    The balls are flying at this event. Men, women and mixed teams work up a sweat in this double elimination tournament.

  • Tennis

    Another multi-day double elimination tournament, pairs competition.

  • Texas Hold'Em

    While not the world series of poker, this exciting event is sure to entertain!

  • Ultimate

    Our newest event added to the Corporate Challenge, from the beginner to the elite player, ultimate is a terrific sport that offers challenges at all levels of play.

  • Volleyball

    Teamwork and cooperation is what makes this best of 2 out of 3 games, indoor tournament so much fun. Teams spike and dig their way to the top.

  • 5K Run

    A 3.1 mile event where the top male and female times are combined to determine the fastest overall companies. Enter as many contestants as you want!