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Dominoes (42)

Divisions: A AA B BB C D

Nothing quiet about this game. A two evening, double elimination tournament where teams get to show off their skills. (4 players - no gender requirement)

Evaluation: Please take a moment and evaluate this past years event.

Combination Team Format with Double Elimination Brackets:

All Divisions will field two teams. Each team will consist of two participants in any combination of male or female.


Due to the nature of the tournament, the first two matches will be limited to a 50 minute time limit.


During the first two matches, the winner will be declared based on high marks or completion of match.

Roster Due:

September 9

Game Days:

September 16 - 17


The tournament will take two days to complete. Play on Sep. 17 will begin at 6:30 pm as well.


All divisions will play on the first day, placement on bracket will determine what teams return the following day.


Table assignments will be made on the day of competition. All teams should be checked in and ready to play by 6:30 pm.


Richardson City Hall

411 W Arapaho Road

Richardson, TX 75080


There will be no scheduled practices.

Procedure :

Athletes should check in each day at the registration desk at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled competition.


All players must check-in at the registration table prior to their scheduled start time.
Each participant must sign the team waiver form and appropriate identification must be presented at the time of registration.


See Identification Segment for acceptable forms of ID

Substitutions must be made prior to the start of competition each day.
Substitutions for this event are not gender specific. Once play begins substitutions are not allowed.
Corporate Challenge Will Provide: All equipment.

All games will be scored one game to seven marks, (ALL).


All matches will be limited to 50 minutes each. Participants will be expected to keep their own time. In the event of a tie, a sudden death elimination will occur.

Points :

A complete team will earn 30 participation points. Complete teams will consist of 2 squads of 2 participants each.


There is no uniform requirement, but it is recommended that each company wear their Corporate Challenge shirts.

Body :

Bidding NELLO will not be permitted in following with the standard rules of The National 42 Players Association, N42PA.


Doubles can be played as a suit of their own, and can only be played high in their suit.


Dealing: A dealer is selected by shuffling the dominoes face down on the table. Each player draws a domino; the player drawing the highest number of dots is the first dealer. The dealer then re-shuffles all dominoes face down. Players draw 7 dominoes to begin the hand. Following the hand, the deal moves clockwise around the table.


Bidding: The player sitting to the left of the dealer is the first bidder. The bid moves clockwise around the table until every player has the opportunity to bid by raising a previous bid or passing. Each player has only one chance to bid before play of the hand begins. The bidding begins at 30 and moves upward to 42 [One Mark]. "Mark" bidding may not start at 126 [Three Marks] or higher. After a 42 or 84 bid, subsequent bids must be made in one Mark increments. All Mark level bids must be stacked. To speed up play, no "Pass Out" hands will be allowed. If the first 3 players pass, the 4th player must bid a minimum of 30. The highest bidder announces trumps and starts the game by playing the first domino. No trumps ("follow me") is allowed. Players must follow the suit led by the first player of each trick. If trumps are not led, the highest suit on the domino led establishes the suit a player must follow. If it is not possible to follow suit, then a player may throw a trump, a count domino, or an "off." Trumps cannot be played if it is possible to follow suit with other dominoes. The highest trump or highest domino takes the trick. When doubles are trumps the same trump rules apply: the lead of a double requires play of a double, when possible. Bidding NELLO will not be permitted.


Scoring: There are 7 tricks that make a total of 42 points. To determine if a bid is made or not, add the number of points in the bidder's tricks. If they do not total the amount bid or more, he is "set". Tricks with count dominoes in them still count 1 point for the trick


Helpful Terms:


Suits: There are 7 dominoes in each suit, six with the number of dots on one end being the same and one with the number of dots on both ends the same. The latter is called a double. Doubles can also be classed as a suit in the same order of importance: 6-6, 5-5, 4-4, 3-3, 2-2, 1-1, 0-0. There are a total of 8 different suits: Blanks, 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's and doubles.


Trumps: The highest bidder's suit becomes the main trumps for the duration of one hand. Trumps are higher than any domino and will take tricks including doubles of other suits.


Offs: Any domino in a bidder's suit becomes the main trump for the duration of one hand. Trumps are higher than any domino and will take tricks including doubles of other suits.


Walker: Any domino which not been played and is the highest in its suit after the double and other higher ones have been played is said to be a "walker".


Count Dominoes: There are 5 count dominoes in double six sets of dominoes, 5-5 and 6-4 which count 10 points, and 0-5, 3-2, and 1-4 which count 5 points.


Trick: A trick consists of 4 dominoes, each player playing 1 domino in clockwise rotation around the table. There are 7 tricks to each hand.


Count: Each trick counts 1 point plus the values of "count" dominoes in each trick.